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 Below are a few things readers had to say about Boleman Publishing books. 
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Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle   I hope this email finds you having a great morning.  I received “Winners Don’t Whine, They Hustle” Saturday evening and I was not able to put it down.  This is an outstanding book with a great message.  

  Joe Mask
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle
  "I got the book tonight and read the entire thing.  I am trying to figure out how to get more people to purchase.  IT IS GREAT!

  Tammera Beckham
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle

  "The Steer on the End" is a great poem!  Its about more than steers, its about the underdog in all of us."

Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle
  Chris Just finished the book. It is awesome. Laughed a little, teared up a little but it brought back lot of memories that I had not forgotten just tucked in the back of my mind. You show how much you loved and most importantly how much you respected your Grandfather. I am sure he is looking down from heaven saying "WELL DONE, CHRIS,WELL DONE"

  Susan Patranella
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle
  The book is an EXCELLENT read!  Very motivational

  Dustin Coufal
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle
  It is a great testimony to a very wise and giving man.  And one of the most funniest things I have ever read was the fact he sifted his own grandson's pig at a major show. 

  Charles Casada
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle
  Just to let you know I am not a reader.  However, I have finished the first section in your book and it is hard to set it down.  I have really enjoyed reading your work and learning more about your family.  This is awesome.

  Andy Hart
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle
  All Extension employees should read this book!  It makes me proud of the organization we work for, what we stand for, and motives me to keep hustling!

  Susan Ballabina
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle

In the middle of reading it now....have to say, lots of tears reading it! LOVING it!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing all this! Means the world to so many.

  Tauny Harlien
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle
   I received your book, Winners Don't Whine, They Hustle in the mail today! I just glanced thru and saw all of the wonderful poems ~ the one I read first ~"Showing with No Fear" was awesome. Our stock show was last week ~ so this poem was so timely. I look forward to enjoying each poem! I did not know your grand parents personally ~ but certainly feel the love you have for them in all of the pages I've read so far. So, when will the next book be out?

  Carolyn Osbourn
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle    "This book is one of the best books I have ever seen to describe the mission and the heart of Extension educators."  For a full review, click here:

  Rachel Williams
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle 
  Chis, love my book, great job. Gauke is proud....
   Bobbie Bishop
Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle 
   I wanted to let you know that you have done your grandfather a huge honor and captured a life that was admired by so many.  I had the pleasure of sharing some class time with your grandfather and Dr. Hesby and have always known I was blessed to be touched by some very rare individuals in a formidable time in my life!  I also had the honor of working with your Grandfather when he was involved in the San Antonio Livestock Show after I graduated from A&M.  God bless you and thank you so much for keeping the memory of these great men in the forefront and allowing our youngsters today to still gain insight on the "right way" to approach things through the books.
   Debbie Lee Tharp
 Winners Dont Whine, They Hustle
   I read ur book last night and wanted to say congrats, it was a great read, i couldnt put the book down. I too was inspired to write a poem about my grandpa, and it was read at his funeral.
   Cain Standerfer
Bright Side Christmas    Dr. Boleman as I complete "Bright Side Christmas" I think of how many inspirational and powerful stories that are included. The best part of this easy read is that you can think of people in your life that fit the characters or that need the message that is written in each story. 
   Joe Mask
 Bright Side Christmas    Bright Side Christmas is a must-read! It captured my attention on the first page and was hard to put down. Dr. Boleman outdid himself with an awesome collection of short stories that reminded me to approach each new day with the excitement we feel as Christmas approaches, positivity, hope, and the value of showing how much we care. Don't miss out on the opportunity to read and share Bright Side Christmas with others this holiday season.
   Courtney Dodd
 Bright Side Christmas   I have always been a fan of Dr. Boleman's books but this one is just great! Maybe it's the magic of combining the Christmas spirit with Dr. Boleman's upbeat style but it's just fabulous! This is a book that will lift your spirits and leave you with a smile. It's a fun and easy read that I can see turning into a holiday tradition for our family.
   Rachel Cutrer
Lead on the Bright Side   My favorite is the Lead on the Bright Side Book. To wake up every morning with a goal to inspire at least one person to dream bigger and go out and make the world a better place for all is a great philosophy to spread and that is what I got from this book.   Carlos Guerra
Lead on the Bright Side   Your most recent book "Lead On The Bright Side" gives me a feel of your inner self and your passion for communicating. Your ability to describe, in a short story, the message of a life experience and how that moment in time has such a strong meaning and ultimate application. Each story and poem provide such balance and meaning in so many ways. I see that each reader can glean a different message as they experience the story and hopefully apply the leadership message to their personal journey.

Today's reading audience can embrace the deep message by just picking a quick story. This approach is your niche that fits the very busy life styles of today. It fits my moments of need and my time limitations.
   Dirk Aaron
Lead on the Bright Side   LEAD ON THE BRIGHT SIDE is a powerful little book that screams 'pick me up' to
discover hundreds of golden nuggets of inspiration just waiting inside!  I have 
known Dr. Chris Boleman personally over 14 years and have admired his dynamic
leadership and motivation skills in working with both youth and adult audiences.
This is the second book that I have purchased that Dr. Boleman has published.
I will be looking forward to the next one!  Don't miss out!
   Carolyn Osbourn


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